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What to see


It is considered the most important source of irrigation in the municipality. In fact, from the first written documents, you can see the importance of the fountain in this place since it covered the domestic needs of the town of Alfafara and the agricultural needs of the irrigators.

You can take a route that runs through landscapes full of lush vegetation and water in the form of springs, ponds or jumps such as the famous Peña of the Doll. It is ideal for summer because it is a very cool region.


This necropolis is located 3 km. of Alfafara, along the road towards Bocairent. It is right behind the Mas of the Pou, on a rocky hill. There is one of the most interesting archaeological sites in the entire area of Alfafara and which, in turn, raises certain questions about its past. It is believed that it may be from Roman times due to the remains found there, but today it remains a mystery.