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3rd day: Bocairent – Banyeres de Mariola

Hotel de l’Antiga Estació de tren Alcoi Yecla (Bocairent) – Mas del Terres – Mas del Sosiego – Alt del Port de Bocairent (carretera Bocairent – Alcoi) – El Pla de l’Anima  – Encreuament del Morro del Porc – Ermita  de Sta. M. Magdalena en Banyeres de Mariola

Distance: 8,33 km  
Difficulty: Easy
Walking time: 1 h 37 min.  
Average speed: 5,1 km/h  
Type of route: lineal, one way
Maximum altitude: 887 m
Minimum altitude: 617 m
Positive difference in altitude: 307 m
Negative difference in altitude: 82 m


Departure: Hotel at the old train station Alcoi – Yecla (Bocairent).

We leave the hotel on the left and walk through the park until we reach the first crossroads, where we take the asphalt road on the left, passing in front of the local sports centre. At the next intersection we continue to the right. 

Mas de Terres

Pass the farmhouse “Masía del Terres”, which we leave on the right. At the next crossroads turn left. 

When the asphalted road ends, take the path that leads to the Masía del Sosiego path and to the Alto del Puerto on the Bocairent – Alcoi road. Cross the road and take the path in front of us and then the old Banyeres de Mariola path. 

At the next three junctions, always follow the path on the right and the fourth junction on the left. 

1st Crossing
2nd Crossing
3rd Crossing

4th Crossing

Pass a small quarry and leave the path on the right that ascends on the “Morro del Porc”. 

Stone quarry
Morro del Porc path
Montcabrer, El Portí and el Cabeço de la Mariola

As we walk, we can see Montcabrer, El Portí and Cabeço de la Mariola to the NE and La Blasca, Alto de la Barcella, Alto de la Cenezosa and La Cruz de les Talaies to the NW. 

La Blasca, Alt de la Barcella, Alt de la Cenezosa and La Creu de les Talaies.

At the next intersection, we take the first turning on the right, the second on the left, the third on the right and the fourth on the right, which will lead us to the entrance of Banyeres de La Mariola. 

1st Crossing
2nd Crossing
3rd Crossing
4th Crossing

At the entrance we leave the Banyeres Cemetery on the right and go down towards the village where we take San Jorge street to the public car park and the Hermitage of Santa Maria Magdalena where we end the stage. 

End of the 3rd leg: Hermitage of Sta. M. Magdalena