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Muro de Alcoy

Muro is well-known for his “uncle Pep” thanks to the popular song that sounded for all around Mariola. Place of a strong Moorish origin, it suffered the reduction of population and the disappearance of “pedanies”. But thanks to the industries implanted in the region and the railway arrival, it emerges with a modern and prosperous industrial core.

Locals with a festive and open character that they demonstrate during the Fireta de Sant Antoni (in January), the Carnival (in February) and the Moors and Christians festival (in May).

Muro invites you to a “granissat de lima”, to a “platet de pericana”, to a concert by “the Xafigà”… demonstrating his own identity.

You are welcome to Muro!

Hermitage of Sant Antoni in Muro d’Alcoi